Charlotte / 23 /Minnesota
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Yo magets tagged me (thanks bruh)

about me

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name: Charlotte

nicknames: Char

birthday: June 19th

gender: Female

sexuality: straight

height: 5’3” 

time zone: Central

time and date right now: September 2nd, 6:23 pm

average hours of sleep: like between 4 and 7 

otp’s: Joesday, Joman, Romsday

first word to come to mind: bread

place which makes me happy/why: the hair salon bc i love getting my hair done

how many blankets i sleep under: 2

favorite beverage: red bull

last movie watched in cinema: Jersey Boys (loved it btw)

advice: don’t take advice from me

listen to these songs: “Hit and Rape” Acoustic Version by Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 and “Nowhere” from Undead Unplugged by Wednesday 13

my blogs: just this one - wheresthefudge

i feel like since I’m a day late doing this, everyone’s already done it so yeah

//Jokin in the Boys Room//